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Originally Posted by EdwardArcher View Post
Hey everyone,
I'm just looking for some advice about powering my astrophotography setup for when I am in the field. Currently, I have a 12v 80 ah lead battery. I am hoping to power the following items off of the battery:
Laptop- 20v 3.25 A
Skywatcher HEQ5 mount- 12v 6 A
powered USB hub- 12v 4 A
Note: all these numbers are taken from the adaptors.
My plan at this stage is to use a 240v inverter between the battery to the rest of the gear. I just wanted to make sure that this would work before wasting money on something that won't work. So any advice, recommendations or corrections would be valuable to me.
Adam is right.
Keep everything 12v. You can buy a 12v laptop power supply from Jaycar for around $70 (maybe more now).
My Microsoft surface is 15v so I bought a 12-15v upstep and power it via a USB adapter.
Inverters are incredibly inefficient, so would be a waste of power, time and money in this set up.
I did a full 12v system on my caravan and only have the inverter as an emergency backup for whatever reason. Itís been 2 years and never used.
Im in the process of designing my own portable power station for astro so will share pics once complete.
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