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Price Update - Ultimate solar package - Lunt Modular 80+FT upgrade/DSII

All great ambitions to hit solar imaging hard but I've use this twice since I bought it last March and the weather isn't helping at all.

All these items are on LONG back order from Lunt, I mean like 6-9 months! - so you can buy mine now and save that long wait and buy like new.

Lunt 80mm Modular Night/Day Doublet (560mm FL) FPL53 Scope with Feathertouch 2" focuser upgrade. For daytime solar imaging you get a precision FPL53 solar scope with pressure tuned 0.7 angstrom filter and BF1200 blocking filter.

The original focuser is included so you can swap out the FT and use the orignal focuser or use the FT either way.

For nighttime use the scope allows a simple 1 minute swap out of the solar filters and replace them so you can use it for night time viewing or imaging.

Good huh.

Now the icing on the cake.

Also included is the additional Double Stack II internal module - this drops the filter down to 0.5 angstrom - this creates MUCH more contrast and some amazing views of prominences and surface features.

Scope has a Vixen bar rail and a superb red dot solar finder which is fabulous for finding the sun.

The scope comes in a hard case and I will throw in the amazing Lunt zoom eyepiece.

price is $6999 AUD + shipping.

Deal of the day - asking price includes a matching high speed camera for this scope that is perfectly matched - FLIR Grasshopper3 monochrome cameras (USB3 with cables) using a Sony IMX252 1.1" sensor. Global shutter. 30fps and 3.45 um pixels - C mount also comes with 1.25" adapter I bought for it. Only for buyers of the scope at asking price!

No tyre kickers please - genuine buyers and detailed pictures available.
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