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Originally Posted by janoskiss
Digital still can't compete in the 20+ Mpixel category! Or, heaven forfend, in holography where Gpixels (1000Mpixels) are needed. Film is not dead yet! .. and will not be for a long time, because at the most demanding (and highly specialised) end of the market digital is so far behind that it is much more cost effective to put more money into improving the chemical medium... That's how I see it anyway.

.. but I have seen film die in most non-specialist areas, ... including my own home (and I'm saving up for a 350D).
Most professional photographers now use digital except for as you say specialist stuff like large group portraits and ken Duncan type landscapes and yes film will be around for a while. When I was a professional photographer it was in the era of film and that was what I was taught so I do have a nostalga for film. But when I went to China / Tibet I took both digital and film camera's I realised the big advantages that digital had over the older technology, Ive now got 2 film camera's not seeing much is the end of an era.
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