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Welcome Brad. I owned a Royal Astro 76mm many years ago (1970 to be precise). It had very good optics and had a 4mm eyepiece with the scope which I did not use much. I think 300x was asking a lot despite the optics. So as you now have the capability of 200x with your 12mm and barlow - why would you want more as a 4mm will probably deliver less?
If I remember correctly these scopes had a dual barrel focuser - one section you pull out, the other is on a rack and pinion. What I would be looking at is the diameter of the second section and whether it would be worthwhile adapting that more directly to 1 1/4". But I have a feeling that this diameter was less and so this approach may not work. A replacement focuser with 1 1/4 capability would be much better that your current setup which limits the scope's field of view.
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