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Post The next edition of the Clear Skies Observing Guides - CSOG 2.3

After 3 1/2 years of work, I published the new edition of my Clear Skies Observing Guides, CSOG 2.3. On my new website

There are 14 new editions in CSOG 2.3:
  • Holmberg Double and Multiple Galaxies
  • Minkowski Nebulae
  • Parsamyan Cometary Nebulae
  • Klemola Groups and Clusters of Southern Galaxies
  • Raab open clusters
  • Basel open clusters
  • Herschel 3
  • LMC Regions
  • Markarianís Chain
  • Grus Chain
  • Fornax Galaxy Cluster galaxies
  • Eridanus Cluster galaxies
  • Dorado Group galaxies
  • Sculptor Group galaxies

Click here for the release notes or click here to go directly to the download page.

CSOG now has 54 editions:

Constellation Editions

5-6″ Telescopes
8-10″ Telescopes
12-14″ Telescopes

Catalogs & Lists

Herschel 400
Herschel II
Herschel 3

Galaxy Editions

Arp Peculiar Galaxies
Hickson Compact Galaxy Groups
Holmberg Double and Multiple Galaxies
Holmberg Galaxies
Rose Compact Groups of Galaxies
Klemola Groups and Clusters of Southern Galaxies
Markarianís Chain
Fornax Galaxy Cluster
Dorado Group
Eridanus Cluster
Sculptor Group
Grus Galaxy Chain

Nebulae Editions

Abell Nebulae
Parsamyan Catalogue of Cometary Nebulae

Star Cluster Editions

Collinder star clusters
Melotte star clusters
Berkeley star clusters
Czernik star clusters
Trumpler open clusters
King open clusters
Stock open clusters
Van den Bergh-Hagen open clusters
Palomar globular clusters
Terzan globular clusters
Tombaugh open clusters
Raab open clusters
Dolidze open clusters
Dolidze-Dzimselejsvili open clusters
Basel open clusters
Roslund open clusters
Ruprecht star clusters
Pismis star clusters
Lynga star clusters
Hogg open clusters
Harvard open clusters
Haffner open clusters
Pfleiderer star clusters

Observing Programs

ASSA Top-100

Other Editions

Burnhamís Celestial Handbook Ė Deep Sky Objects
LMC Regions
Named Objects

CSOG Editions are free downloads.


Victor van Wulfen
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