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Originally Posted by Peter.M View Post
What kind of damage are we talking about? Most people just deal with the small additional backlash from having the worm backed off enough to not bind at any point of the ring.

There's some sort of scoring on quite a few tooth, its like someone used a screwdriver and missed. but I managed to put that section "underneath" the RA range so the worm doesnt cross it on either side of RA.
As for dec, there is no damage, but it tends to bind on one side more than the other, so had to back off the worm a bit, that increases the play when its pointing the other side.
with this play, any dec guiding corrections tend to overshoot.
not sure if its the amount of superlube I used when I installed the belt kit.
might take it apart again, put just a thin film and try the mesh again.

but I do need to replace both ring gears.

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