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QHY8L Cooled Colour CCD Camera


Regretfully selling my QHY8L one shot colour CCD.
I got this recently from a member here and although it works perfectly, I have decided that mono is the way for me to go for what I need with narrowband and my F4 scope.

It comes with dessication unit, cables, power supply, tilt ring.
will post some pics later this evening.

the cooling is fantastic and is regulated so you can set a cooling point, it achieves that very quickly, and you can then use that for darks indoors if you can reach the same temperature.

The nosepiece has a UV/IR filter and has a T2 thread standard.

Sealing is good so doesn't have condensation issues if stored in a dry box.

Asking for $1050 (firm) plus postage or pickup from Melbourne.
Costs $1600 new.

Specs from QHY

Temperature controlled and regulated Single stage TEC with -35 deg C Delta cooling.
Fully Air Sealed Chamber (can be gas filled).
But CCD sensor is still easily accessible if required.
Lower noise levels overal than previous QHY-8, due to re-design and placement of Main board and electronics behind CCD chamber.

Uses Sony's ICX413AQ
High speed 16 bit A/D converter

Total pixels : 3110 x 2030
Effective pixels: 3000 x 2000
Pixel Size: 7.8um x 7.8um square
Color method: RGB BAYER film on CCD
Effective sensor area: 25.1 x 17.64 mm
QE: 60% at Green (Peak) , 50% at Blue and H.a
Microlensing on chip
ABG: -100dB
USB2.0 High Speed interface
Built in temperature sensor
DC201 with TEC controller/Regulator (Temperature controlled to +/- 0.1 deg C)
Ultra compact size suitable for primary focus imaging, e.g Hyperstar
Weight: ~380g


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