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Originally Posted by bojan View Post
Yesterday there was this 60D on ebay for $200.. The seller said it was faulty (significant dust between sensor and filter). Ideal specimen for modification.

It arrived today, without dust specks, they were were gone (or shaken out of sensor) :-)
I already have 60D for 9 years, and it was my initial intention to modify it since I wasn't using it much (it is somewhat bulky).

Now, a question: Should I remove all filters, or only IR filter and leave the front (dust) filter and ultrasound shaker in place?

Anyway, my 450D(a) will go to retirement it seems...
Hi Bojan,

I would be inclined to try to remove the IR filter only and keep the dust cover in place as a basic protection to the sensor unless it causes you any issues such as:

1. loose fit due to removal of IR filter (but it should be possible to pack that out, maybe even 3D print a neat spacer if required) or

2. if it introduces any secondary reflections more noticeable perhaps due to the wider bandwidth (who knows? - test)

On the issue of 3D printing you could also re-use the IR filter to return the camera back to normal function when required by 3D printing a holder for it allowing for placement in front of the mirror box/behind the lens mount, as I think I have seen you do before for another possibly round? filter.

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