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Originally Posted by OzEclipse View Post
Hi Stefan. What do you register on to stack?
Did you track with eq or alt-az? If altaz then the positions of Venus will have a curved locus due to the earth's rotation. No auto alignment I know can do this for you.
I shot the entire event, I aligned two ways to get two ways of showing the path venus took. I shot dslr on tripod so one stack is basically aligned to the horizon and you see the arc path of venus.

The other stack I derotated, thankfully the sun was active and lots of interestin sunspots to help with alignment here and this got me the string of pearls straight line path of venus. I think i was the only person in the southern hemisphere to shoot the whole transit and contribute a full data set to a project in Germany to test alternate method of measuring the earth sun distance in a collaboration like Captain Cook was a part of in the last part of the transit cycle. Always regreted not making a hasty camera upgrade at the time, ended buying the camera i would have bought at the time, gave up on nikon releasing the camera i actually wanted.
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