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My God it's full of stars

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Originally Posted by Atmos View Post
Very nice Andy! This and the SMC in general has been my nemesis for a few years. Every time I point a telescope here I find myself with 3.5" seeing! Even with your larger image scale you're SMC region still looks sharper than what I've managed to achieve.

My only criticism is that NGC 362 is all magenta and lacking the RGB
Thanks Colin, this was very challenging to process as indeed any broadband image is from the 'burbs. The stars are all RGB, but maybe LP heavy sky conditions are limiting the colour. I generally only shoot 2-3min subs for RGB stars, and depending on the weather, only for a total of 30-60mins ea.

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Nice neighbours there Andy!
Very well done!
Onya Tim, just trying to be friendly with the locals
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