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The vast majority of amateurs around the world have never had the opportunity to use or own a premium mirror equipped scope, so will not miss
what they've never had. I imagine these scopes will enjoy an increase in value once new ones become virtually unobtainable.
We of the smaller budgets can be thankful that we have access to decent
quality mirrors from China. Now if China stopped production, that would leave
a truly enormous gap to be filled, and I have no idea who could do that.
Whilst current Chinese mirrors obviously can't compete with premium ones,
they are d------ good value for money.
When I bought my first scope 72 yrs ago a 60mm refractor was the norm,
75mm were too expensive, and 4 or 6" reflector, 8" was also too expensive,
and anything larger than 8" was the territory of the truly wealthy.
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