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Just some prerequisites regarding APT and the 2600MC for reliable operation -

1/ Ensure you have good quality USB3 cable ( 5m or less ) from camera to Laptop as the 2600MC generates huge files ( 50MB ea ) regardless of sub length
It may sound ridiculous but I use the 5m long Startech Active USB3A to USB3B cable ( part no USB3SAB5M ) cost me $120 but itís been 100% reliable for 15 months at both sites. I look at it this way if I get 6 years out of the cable , that $20 a year of reliable connectivity.

2/ Make sure your Ascom drivers and ZWO drivers are up to date

3/ Ensure you have a good solid 12v power supply to the Camera for cooling , warming and dew control. I use overkill ( Powertech Power Adapter 7.5amp 12V power supply )

4/ In regard to cooling and warming , sometimes your camera doesnít reach the desired temp say -10C or cooler , just increase your cooling steps a bit in the Cooling Aid

5/ Donít worry about off sets with the camera driver settings, Ascom takes care of that. Just select Highest Dynamic Range (Gain 0) and make sure your dew heater is switched to On ( leave it default On )

6/ In regard to Dither settings in APT , I leave my Dither distance to 1 and Dither settle to 15 sec ( using my EQ6-R mount ) scrolling through my subs shows enough pixel shift at dither distance 1.
You can increase your dither to 2 or 3 but depends how your mounts reacts

7/ In regard to APT and PHD2 goes , I open APT first , switch Dither On , then open PHD2 ( if I do it in reverse PHD2 doesnít talk to APT when a dither is sent.

8/ Iíve only had 2 occasions over 15 months where APT just stopped whilst I was setting something and just left hanging ( obviously a Windows issue ) I just shutdown and restarted APT only and it was fine after that

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