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Iíve exclusively used APT to run my imaging capture plan using my 2600MC
From experience over the past 15 months , I use the Ascom driver and set my 2600MC to highest dynamic range or Gain 0 , cooled to -10C
Iíve used Ascom , Lowest read noise Gain 100 and experimented with this setting with short and long exposures ( 60 sec to 300 sec ) with and without L Exteme filter and to be honest, the best images Iíve captured have been using highest dynamic range Gain 0
I didnít bother with the native ZWO driver as folk have had issues with this , Ascom is the most reliable and safe method to run your camera IMO
I use my 2600MC under Bortle 8 Sydney skies and Bortle 3 dark skies on the South Coast NSW in my Obs
So to answer your questions as far as my experiences are concerned, no Ascom highest dynamic range Gain 0 can be used in both light polluted and dark skies
My recommendation is stick to Ascom as you wonít have any issues
Other folk may offer alternative advice and thatís ok but Ascom has worked flawlessly for me over the past 15 months in my 6Ē and 8Ē newtonian reflectors

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