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Originally Posted by Plossl68 View Post
Wow Mick,
I love the animation. Despite what you say about the early seeing, the frames look great under animation. Very cool!
Glad you liked the animation Paul, you're pretty lucky if you get good seeing during the time spent on capturing frames for an animation. This was 16 captures over 40 mins.

Originally Posted by metalage View Post
This is amazing! What size barlow was used (if it was)? I'm keen to start trying planetary work using my 8" RC but have been nervous coming from deep sky stuff. This animation may have just motivated me to try.
There are plenty of better ones out there Adrian if you do a Google search. I used my DSLR for this because it's the only OSC I own capable of connecting to my telescope. I used a 5X Powemate and video crop mode, which is a feature of the Canon 550d. My scope is 1000mm f5 so with the Powermate, that brings it up to 5m f25. Not sure what your scope is, 2000mm f10? You'd probably use a 2X Barlow for f20? Glad I've motivated you, it's challenging but a lot of fun as well.
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