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My God it's full of stars

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More Spiders... (new improved with added RGB)

Seems crazy I know but even though this image recently got an Astrobin IOTD, I've reprocessed it from scratch and added RGB stars and some more NB data.

This time around I tried out the new Star Xterminator plug in for PS and it's a big improvement over Starnet++, much cleaner and lightning fast!
I also had a play with the latest version of Topaz denoise 3.3.2 that offers heaps more control and selective masking, so you don't have to worry about generating any artificial artifacts.

I've also been working on getting better "natural" star colours from my Bortle 6/7 backyard. Seems the solution is to take lots and lots and lots of short subs!

Most of the NB data though was shot under a full moon.

Aah, the joy of living in the world's longest lockdown with too much time on my hands...

it's here on ASTROBIN
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