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barlow options


On the barlow can I suggest that you look for one with a x1.5 and x2 options. You can get barlow's x2 where the base unscrews and screws directly into the EP to give x1.5.

So, the 18mm can be both a 9mm and 12mm, a good way to draw out a few ep's.

Ps. You could get the 8mm(6mm/4mm) and 18mm(12mm/9mm) Starguider for around $150, with the above barlow that's around $200+ postage. You would need to check that the Starguider 8mm and 18mm are good for the ED80, should be easy to find a review or two though. At F7.5 (I think) they should be fine and the extra ED can't hurt.

Good way to get 6 ep's for $200 and the barlow you can carry onto other EP's even if they/you outgrow the Starguiders.

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