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Originally Posted by Don Pensack View Post
The Saxon Cielo HD would give you all the range you need and perform nicely in that scope.
Are they the same as Celestron X-Cel and Astro-Tech HD? The latter is often recommended over at CN but it is sold by the sponsor. Still look to be good value. I was going to recommend the Astro-Tech but cannot comment as Iíve not used them. Though about buying some just to review.

The Tele Vue DeLite Iíve not used either but have enough other Tele Vue eyepieces to say they Tele Vue work well in ANY telescope and highly recommended. Usually though when someone mentions kids you think lesser quality eyepieces will do but then you want to offer the best view you can to anyone if you have the equipment. At home may be one thing but in public or outreach a fingerprint on an eyepiece is almost certain so a second less expensive but still well performing set comes in handy.
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