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Yep, I've gone deegeetal!

Those that have watched my agony still using film and trying to get reasonable processing and scanning will be pleased to know the wait is over. Thanks to the IIS saleyards, I have gone digital - a DSLR no less! Purchased a Pentax K100D and a couple of Sigma lenses.

I've added a snap also of what will be pensioned off - three Pentax film bodies including my beloved KX - still going strong after about 30 years - never a problem in all that time.

Why Pentax? Well look at the collection of K-mount lenses I have accummulated over the years (including the 55mm/1.8 on the camera for the shot).

Mostly for routine snaps, but there might be a few star trails in me, even a snap of the Moon through my scope!! We'll see.

I've been having great fun randomly pushing buttons but I guess it's about time I read the manual. I could work out how to get to manual focus for the non-auto lenses, but I had to search to find out how to tell the camera that the lens did not have a auto aperture position! It will also fire my older flash, but no idea yet how to get the exposure right.

Fun and games ahead!
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