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Originally Posted by andyc View Post
Here's an image and spectrum of the nova in Scorpius (S&T article here). Pretty happy with how this came out, and I managed to keep the nova's spectrum off the background stars too. The hydrogen alpha emission is so strong I had to use a log scale for the spectrum (which was extracted off a linear image). H-beta is also prominent, not sure what teh otehr peaks may be. An estimate from the RGB image is somewhere near or a little below mag 10.5 for the nova as at 19th April. I presume there may be a good place to submit this data if it's useful to observers, not sure where?

Equipment: C14 at f/7, Atik 460EX, SA100 grating. ZWO RGB filters.
Hi Andy. Well done with the SA100.
I took a spectra a few nights later and have attached it with a few labels. Some of the other lines a Fe lines.
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