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Originally Posted by Stephane View Post
Hi all,

If a buy a EQ6-R pro mount, will I also need to buy a cable to connect to my laptop? Does such a cable come with the mount? If I do need to buy one, are “off-the-shelf” ones at Bunnings okay, or does it need to be a dedicated USB2EQ6 cable from an astronomy shop?

Here’s the procedure to cable connect to an EQ6-R mount ( or any Skywatcher EQ mount ) and run EQMOD and Stellarium to navigate across the night sky

NB: EQ6-R came in 2 models ( I have both old and new ) old ones only have the handcontroller RJ45 port to connect your cable and the newer ones have an additional USB B port to connect your cable to

Any queries please advise

I’ll also send procedures for setting up the tripod and mount plus finding true south

I put these procedures together a while back and have posted to many other IIS members as well
Always glad to help
Just to advise , my methods are not the “only way” to set up your rig , but they do work and work well

More to follow....on another post

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