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Celestron C9.25 SCT with extras

Hi All,

Selling my 9.25 SCT OTA with extra components for $2500 - Mount & camera gear not included. Prefer local pickup - not keen on posting. Details as follows... PM if interested. Thanks.

****Selling the optical tube, f/6.3 focal reducer, Celestron DSLR PiggyBack Mount, Celestron T-Ring adaptor, dew shield and Telrad - all purchased in March / April 2021****
****Brand new, would cost $3587 from Bintel****
****Camera gear & mount not for sale****

Bought the scope in April this year and rarely used. It is in brand new condition - no scratches, dents, dust or dings - it is pristine.

This telescope is hard to get at the moment, and you rarely see them on the second hand market.

I've included some pics that I took with it. I am a complete amateur, but I've seen amazing results by others using this exact setup.

This scope with CGE wide dovetail bar, sells for $2999 at Bintel:

___________________________________ _
I am including the following extras:
- f/6.3 focal reducer ($299 value):
- Celestron DSLR piggy back camera mount ($69 value)
- Celestron T-Ring Adaptor (for DLSR camera attachment) - ($60 value)
- FarPoint dew shield ($80 value)
- Telrad red-dot holographic finder ($80 value)

___________________________________ _
The above extras are in addtion to following default spec:
- 9.25″ Schmidt-Cassegrain Optical Tube Assembly
- 2350 mm focal length (f/10) (reduces to 1320mm with the 6.3 focal reducer)
- Aluminium Optical Tube
- Celestron’s premium StarBright XLT coatings
- FASTAR compatible secondary
- 25 mm eyepiece included (94x)
- Visual back allows for use with 1.25″ accessories
- 630 finderscope to help accurately find objects
- Star diagonal provides more comfortable viewing position when observing objects that are high in the sky
- Includes dovetail rail CGE (wide)

___________________________________ _
Some information about this scope:
The Celestron C9.25 is more than just a step between Celestron’s 8″ and the 11″ Schmidt Cassegrains. The optical configuration of the C9.25 is unique – by using a longer focal length primary mirror and having a lower magnification secondary produces a flatter field of view at the focal plane and helps to reduce optical aberrations. Using Celestron’s high manufacturing accuracy to make more moderate radii on the C9.25’s optical surfaces results in a better overall image quality. Compared with other Schmidt-Cassegrain systems, the C9.25 offers better contrast and image definition making it especially interesting for detailed lunar and planetary observation.

All optical surfaces are coated with Celestron’s high efficiency StarBright XLT multi-layered coating group for brighter images. The Optical Tube has an optimised baffle system which benefits imaging by minimising vignetting at the edges of the field.

The Celestron C9.25-A XLT Schmidt Cassegrain is an extremely versatile telescope. At f/10 prime focus it has a focal length of 2350mm providing excellent image scale for observing and imaging very small targets. In addition the Celestron f/6.3 focal reducer (available separately) can be used providing a more moderate focal length of 1480mm.

For those interested in imaging at extremely fast apertures, the C9.25 is “Fastar” compatible. The C9.25 OTA is equipped with a removable secondary mirror for fast f/2 CCD imaging. Not only does imaging in the FASTAR configuration allow for exposure times that are 25 times faster than at f/10, but also yields a field of view five times wider. It’s the perfect solution for imaging your favorite wide field objects in a fraction of the time. (FASTAR imaging require a third party lens assembly in place of the secondary mirror).
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