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Australian Standard

One of the problems we face ( as a nation ) is we have all these standards that we - and others are supposed to live by, like, can manufacturers have a 10% allowance for speedo accuracy, NSW recently " to fall into line with other States " ( surrrrre!!!!! ) reduced the tolerance on speed cameras to 3%.

If we write to anyone about the injustice of this it would be a more persuasive argument if we could quote the AS number.

One of the things Little Johnie did when he was PM though was to " privatise " the distribution of the standard documents, they used to be available through libraries where us citizens could look at them.

All libraries ( I am happy to be corrected on this ) have stopped stocking the standard due to the costs.

How is this a benefit to the nation, we have these standards but are effectively stopped from accessing them.

Final rant, the people that do the actual work to improve the standard are often industry leaders and in this capacity ( from my experience ) are unpaid. So they work towards improving the living standards of us all for nothing and we then have to pay to access those standards.

Yep, great system.
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