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I canít see why that wouldnít work , itís polyurethane coated so should resist dew
Great idea !!
When in Sydney, I leave my rig outside for weeks and sometimes months at a time ( less Laptop and camera )
I just use an Orion scope cloak for the rig and my outdoor workstation (stacking tub turned sideways on a study table with castors) just has a Bunnings tarp customised ( cut, folded and taped ) to fit over it ( photo attached )
All cables remain intact and wired in a 3 channel PVC flat duct along the ground running between mount and workstation. Double sided tap keeps the duct fixed to the ground
That rigs been out side since June this year and no sign of any moisture, mould , spiders , bugs etc... and mirrors in my newt are still pristine. Mounts in excellent condition too.
Before my NexDome was installed earlier this year , I did the same thing at my
Getaway on the South Coast NSW for years and weíre located 200m from the beach , again no problems with the salty environment, colder winters , dew etc... newts mirrors remained clean and mount is in great condition after a few years , no signs of rust or tea staining ( I do thoroughly lubricant my mounts )
Other than security issues , thereís no reason why you canít leave your rigs out in the backyard for weeks or months at a time using the appropriate weather covers and a well lubricated mount.

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