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It really depends WHAT you want to capture. A camera & lens is very suitable on a decent mount for now for deep sky objects like Andromeda, Orion and such. I've used my 70D with a 70-200mm, Sigma 150-500mm and more recently a 300mm. A lot of very good, fast astrophotography scopes are in the 250mm-800mm focal length range.

For around $2k you can easily get a decent mount & a good scope if you feel you need it, especially 2nd hand. Some people will tell you to get a tracker but from experience I think you would be better off going straight to an EQ mount - for portability if moving around something like an EQM-35 Pro (I currently use one of these) or perhaps something like a HEQ5 Pro - a little beefier with a higher payload capacity.

Either of these mounts if you can grab one 2nd hand will leave you plenty for a very nice 2nd hand scope in the 61mm to 100m size range - that's aperture size, not focal length, look for something under about f/7.

But from my personal experience, I consider getting a good mount from the get go is the most important start point, even if you need to continue using the camera lens for a while longer.

Good luck with it all.
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