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Thanks for the comment
Appreciate folk following up ones problems
Itís all ok now , stacking is working well
A couple of things to take away from my issue -

1/ Stacking nearly 400 x 50MB files is a heavy load no matter what stacking software we use , I didnít even consider that.

2/ My computer was coping well with the work load , hereís my memory status in task manager whilst stacking

Deep Sky Stacker
CPU 0.1 %
Memory at 325MB
Disk at 1.4 MB / sec

Total in Task Manager
CPU 15%
Memory at 28%
Disk at 9% to 14%

3/ Deep Sky Stacker was using all available processors (12)

4/ Reducing the Star detection by half ( 50 to 25 ) reduced the time from 6 hrs to 45 mins stacking time

The only drawback stacking huge quantities of subs from the 2600MC is that a 60 sec sub has the same file size as a 300 sec sub ( 50MB fits ) unlike Raw CR files which are tiny in comparison


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