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Question Hi everybody-Pls advise us most newbies on latest n lightest tripod,mount for8" OTA

Hi everybody -

I had surgeries and live 20k NE of Melbourne- mostly resting at home.

Mostly I will watch nebulae as ..
may take photos w/"orion skywire n iphone"

welcome n all to spend some time to read this Pls advise on few latest, lightest and popular tripod (Aluminium) w/goto mount total weight +/-20kg

for eg 8" OTA (I am buying VMC200L or Orion 7" Mak or C9.25")

New LX80's 2" steel legs too heavy for my visual purpose..

is there any universal ?? tripod eg HAL130 fits
popular goto mounts or which ones are easy to modify, has good resale value?

as I read as a newbe and prefer Meade, Orion and Celestron and are good brands n have mid-range/budget stuffs..

which brand offer free software updates on hand controller??

Many thanks for helping out

Cheers to clear sky

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