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True story:

At the base of Griffith Park there is a mini live steam engine club (of whom none other than Walt Disney was a member) who have open days where families and children can ride on the tiny steam trains. Unfortunately on one open day a child rocked his ride-on carriage too much and derailed the tiny train.

An excitable club member dialled "911" and stated to the operator that there was a "train wreck at Griffith Park!!! ".

Ambulance, fire and police (and media helicopters) were promptly scrambled, as, after all, there is an Amtrack line (read: big real trains) that also skirts Griffith Park.

To be fair, after the entire and substantial response team arrived, to find absolutely no train-wreck carnage and despite some embarrassment, the paramedics did bandage a chubby child's finger.

And it did make the LA TV broadcast news that night....albeit with a smile
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