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Exclamation Protecting yourself using the IceTrade Classifieds

The IceTrade Classifieds was started in 2005 and is the largest marketplace in the Southern Hemisphere for buying, selling or trading second hand astronomy gear.

Literally many thousands of items are bought and sold each year through the IceTrade Classifieds, with happy buyers and sellers exchanging many tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It's completely free to use for buyers and sellers, and only requires you to be a member of the IceInSpace Forum. By becoming a member, you agree to the IceInSpace Terms of Service, which in part contain the IceTrade Terms and Conditions.

Even with the trusted and loyal IceInSpace community, there are still precautions you should take when buying and selling online (through ANY second hand site).
Note: These suggestions below are simply to help educate buyers and sellers and do not imply any liability (of the administrators or moderators of IceInSpace) for any transactions through the IceTrade Classifieds.

Some guidelines on protecting yourself as the buyer
You may choose to use 1 or more of these suggestions:
  • Insist on getting the sellers home address and phone number before buying the item. This can be useful to contact them again if something goes wrong and you're unable to reach them via PM or email. Even call them up before completing the transaction to ensure the phone number is legitimate.
  • Ask for registered and/or insured post. No doubt you may have to pay extra postage but it ensures the item cannot simply be "lost in the post" and gives you (and the seller) a way to recover the lost money.
  • Do your research about the seller. Check if they have any previous sales and whether it appeared to go well. Check their post history and see how long they've been a member of the forum, etc.
  • Pay via paypal. The seller may ask for some extra fees, but paypal can usually refund your money if something goes wrong.
  • Ask questions about the item, make sure the seller knows exactly what they're selling. Their responses will help your "gut feeling".
  • Use your gut instincts. If something appears too good to be true (well below what you'd expect to pay for the item), then it probably is.

Protecting yourself as the seller
It's much easier to protect yourself when you're the seller. You may choose to use 1 or more of these suggestions:
  • Do not post the item until you have received cleared payment (whichever payment method you asked for)
  • Ask or insist on using paypal as a payment method. It can give a level of protection for buyer and seller.
  • Ask or insist on registered and/or insured post. It can help if a buyer claims they never received the item.
  • Be open and honest with the buyer. Give them your name/phone number/address, and ask the same of them.
  • Be thorough, open and honest in your description of the item for sale. Include current photos. Check the IceTrade Ettiquette for other guidelines when placing an ad.

If something goes wrong
IceInSpace (the administrators and moderators) will not get involved in any transactions or try to resolve any issues by acting as a go-between.
If you believe you have been ripped off:
  • Contact the police. The proper authorities should be your first point of call - not complaining in the public forum.
  • If it can be proven beyond a doubt that a seller has committed fraud, they will be banned from the IceInSpace Forum.

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