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Thanks for taking the time to explain., Paul.
I guess I was wondering whether the purchase of a much larger telescope just leads to less work done with it. Is there a sweet spot at 10 " maybe?

I'm personally interested as I am planning to build an observatory for imaging in the next few years and if a 16" RC on a an EQ8 would seem to make some sense as I am only interested in imaging galaxies and would like a good image scale.

I didn't go clearly go far enough with my wondering as to what the reasons- I didn't speculate that you just hadn't got around to posting a picture taken with it - at least in the telescope review thread...and it would be easy for me to have missed the other images.

Can you give me some links to the other two photos- would love to see them.

Originally Posted by Paul Haese View Post
Besides all this I wonder what possible interest you have in the equation. Like I said in the thread where I took possession of the scope you are Newt fan and not likely to ever buy an RC; and I just think your comments are not constructive to the thread really. You make wild speculations about what is going on and you really don't know what is going on do you?
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