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Hi Dave,

Have followed your postings with much interest, admiration, and excitement that there is yet another area of this great hobby that amateur astronomers can make valuable contributions to the science of astronomy. Great work indeed Dave. As Bob Evans once told me SN hunting is not sexy any more - it's now the extra solar planets, well maybe he is right, but still I enjoy the SN hunt.
Stuart Parker has given me some more info as well. At this stage I am not quite in a position to give 100% for such a project as still heavily involved in the SN searching and 4 months of crap weather not being able to string a couple of nights together hasn't helped.
When I can be sure of 100% commitment then I will follow you up, by then you will have 10 or more no doubt.

Astrojunk is the man for then task and I know his commitment will be more than you could ever hope for, a heck of a nice bloke also.

All the best.

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