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Originally Posted by dpastern View Post
Not that I'm in the market for One of these, but does GSO intend to make better focusers by default (at an extra cost to the buyer of course) and field flatteners? They've been promising the latter for at least 3 years from my memory, and there's nothing to be seen AFAIK.

Just curious. They do look great, and by all accounts, the optics are pretty good, not top of the line, but for the money, they are excellent value.

Don't worry about the focusor. If you buy an expensive scope such as OS scope from Italy, you need to buy a good focusor. The US suppliers don't even supply a focusor anymore. So you get one that is a bonus. Not a good one but a bonus.

Last time I had contact with Jim he had no plans to make a flattener and that was about 5 months ago. Both Michael from Bintel and I have been onto him for years. He never once promised there would be a flattener, he said he would consider it but just feels that he is not equipped to make flatteners. Believe me I wish he did have his own flatteners.

The optics are very good and I would even go as fair to suggest they produce results very similar to the top of the line scopes. Take a look through my gallery and one or two others out on the net that are using these scopes. Don't get me wrong you will need to tinker a bit to fine tune a system, but you need to do that with any system. With the more expensive systems you pay for the bells and whistles that these scopes don't have yet.
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