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When Iím in Sydney imaging under Bortle 8 skies with both side neighbours having 2 story homes with a zillion exterior lights all over them plus floods blasting their backyards until midnight and no one in the backyard ??? ( donít ask me why , thereís these devices called motion detectors been around for 30 years ) I use good old poly tarps from Bunnings with bungy cords etc ( sliver on one side and black on the other , total blockout ) I just tie a few 20mm x 3m wooden poles to my pool fence and span across to the back of my house where I have a few screw hooks, takes me 5 to 10 mins to set up my anti light screens ( things you have to do to image from a big City suburban backyard

Photo of my one neighbours lights at 11pm during a mid weeknight
The other sides not much better
Talking about light pollution, come to my place and bring your lux meter , it would go off the scale
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