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QHY600 and IMX455 binning

Originally Posted by Atmos View Post
I guess one of the lines of thought is that with something like the QHY600, you can always capture and full resolution and then bin it before working on anything. Or even just bin during capture if that is easier, it's what I would do with my Mewlon but that's when 2x2 binned gets me to 0.62"/pixel

With that though I'd have a 15mp BSI mono FF sensor with a QE peaking at near 90% and 7.52 micron pixels. Although it doesn't get the same SNR improvement with binning as a CCD it also doesn't have the high near noise which was the purpose of hardware binning anyway.
I posted in another thread about this but with the QHY600 (and possibly other IMX455-based cameras), a 2x2 software bin does not have 4 times the read noise as a single pixel. It's not quite the same as a CCD but it is better than 4x read noise. The IMX455 does have a true hardware bin that works essentially the same as a CCD bin but only when operating at a lower bit-depth than 16-bit. The motivation for that mode is for higher-frame rates e.g., when shooting video. As far as I know, QHY have not enabled that mode in their drivers.
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