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Originally Posted by The_bluester View Post
Apart from paying for theoretical resolution that is in most cases unusable, s there any great issue with binning these small pixel, high pixel count cameras?

Regards the sensors in mobile phones, more than the silly high mp count on a tiny sensor, my beef is the lens. As Allan wrote, the size of a pea (Or smaller) probably made of plastic and worth about half a cent.

If this is true then there is no advantage to CMOS binning:

To put it very basically, in both CCD and CMOS, “binning” is the technique of combining pixels in an image into a “super pixel”. It typically takes place in 2×2 or 3×3 blocks etc. In doing so, the signal in the individual pixels is combined into the super pixel. This helps improve the signal to noise ratio (SNR). However, it also lowers the resolution of your image as it contains fewer, but larger pixels. Where CMOS differs is that this process takes place in the software after the digitalisation of the pixels has been completed. This is very different to CCD where binning takes place in hardware, or “on-chip”.
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