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Yep, I do, bought it on a trip to Oz last year, to be a lighter camera to take away when traveling, therefore leaving the DSLR (Sony a700) at home. That was the ruse anyway. It also is compatible with the a700 lenses, albeit via an adaptor.
For the purpose I bought it it is a wonderful lightweight, easy to use camera. But the tinkerer in me wanted to try it for other uses, and I got an adaptor or two from Hong Kong e bay. These allowed the use of the "bigger brothers" A mount lenses, the only one I have currently is the Sony/Zeiss 16-80, a great lens. With this adaptor it also allowed me to use the T ring I have, so therefore I could attach it to a focuser, perfect.
I am still playing with this system, trying to work around the weather and work commitments, but initial indications are favorable, very. Biggest snag to date was the processing of files, but Images Plus now accepts Sony NEX files, so I am set.
An additional problem is the sequencing of shots, the only way I can use the shutter button right now (apart from actually touching it) is with the remote thingie I got with the a700, Remote Commander it is called. This works, and when the NEX is set to Bulb, one push opens the shutter, and another push closes it. Simple, but laborious if you want to shoot 50 shots at 5 minutes each. There is another member here, can't for the life of me recall his name but do a forum search, he has used his NEX with a 22" newt and taken some simply stunning shots. He also had a tutorial for adapting a remote to connect with a timer/intervalometer remote. This is my next task.
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