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I'll chime in here and say that additional weight is unnecessary.

I too used an extra weight sandwiched between standard weights, but then rotated the OTA so that the camera and guide scope straddled 6o'clock (straight down)... the camera should be slightly closer to 6 o'clock than the guidescope and guidecam as it is (mine is) slightly heavier.

I have an heq5, skywatcher PDS 200 (8" F5 newt), SW evoguide 50, ZWO guide cam and either a ZWO1600 with filter wheel, or recently a canon 5D with battery grip, all no worries. The 5D, I suppose, is a chunk heavier than your Nikon. Counterweights are one about 5mm away from the end, the other about an inch separated.

Definitely better (I think) to perfectly balance weight closer to the axis of rotation. The body of 5D is not far off the RA axis at all with this configuration.

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