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The two 5kg weights are not quite enough to balance your payload. You can
get extensions, but it is better for the mount to add a 1kg weight. You can press anything into service temporarily. You can gain a little effective weight,
maybe enough. You will see that one side of the 5kg weight is recessed around the central hole. If you put the weight on with the recess toward the
free end of the shaft and slide the weight down so that the screw in weight
retainer is inside the weight, you gain a little effective weight.
A scope will not stay where you put it [if properly balanced] if you loosen the RA clutch, because the scope should be balanced a little against the drive direction in order to keep the drive gears fully meshed.
Regarding the meridian business, if the RA clutch is nipped, up the scope shouldn't be able to go anywhere, apart from taking up any backlash in the gears, as it goes over the top and starts coming down the other side, so I also don't understand what you mean.

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