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Originally Posted by Constant View Post
My Nikon D7200 has recently developed a flash fault, the flash sounds as if it's exploding! Family was over today and they heard the "exploding" flash and were startled. I'm not gilding-the-lilly, the flash sounds alarming.
What's going on? advice requested.
The capacitors used in cameras, photoflash capacitors can store an incredible amount of energy for size. Capacitors fail over time in all sorts of ways: leaking, oozing, arcing, smoking and under certain conditions usually overvoltage and temperature by expolding.

The photoflash capacitor is a couple of centimeters from your face, so don't use the camera until it's seen to by a camera tech. AND DON"T ATTEMPT REPAIR unless expert as HIGH VOLTAGE is stored in the capacitor for quite some time and if inadvertently shorted to the camera circuits could damage the camera or potentially be LETHAL. Take care.

As an example a Nikon D600 has a 330 Volt 350F photoflash capacitor (probably similar to your D7200). If fully charged that would an energy equivalent of 19 Joules. Now if all of that energy could somehow be delivered to one's face, that's the equivalent of a 2kg mass falling on to one's face from a height of 1m. In any event it's potentially very dangerous as a ~20Joule jolt is below, but not that far from energy levels for cardioversion and not that it's that applicable, but well above levels for internal defibrillation of the heart.


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