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re extra money

Its a little difficult to say,as we are unsure how much funds are avaliable

you,must have approx $500,as the DMK is that much,

Considering you have the 350D canon,which is a great camera,

and depending how much funds are avaliable,why not up grade to the

Canon 450D,approx $825 (body only),sell the 350D,i just sold my 300D

with kit lens,for around $350,with the funds avaliable from that sale,

can go towards the DMK,you have another item like a TUCAM i think,you may get a sale for it too!

I very recently bought the 450D,i really havent had a big play with it,

but,oh so WOW!,you will really enjoy yourself with that piece of kit.

One thing i have noticed is the bulb setting can be triggered from lap top,no trigger cable needed!plus live focus,and noise reduction built in.

Hope this suggestion is of use

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