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Originally Posted by Startrek View Post
I image in Sydney under Bortle 8 light polluted skies with my 6” f6 and image at my dark site ( weekender) south coast NSW with my 8” f5 newt
Thanks for the comments, Martin, especially this bit.
That's REALLY helpful to know. I'm also in Sydney, class 8 Bortle, so it's very good to know you image with similar kit that I'm aiming for. Any tips you care to share?

Originally Posted by Startrek View Post
EQ6-R is the same as the EQ6-R Pro

AZ EQ6 mount has both Azimuth and Equatorial design operation with slightly bigger payload than the EQ6-R mount

My 8” f5 with all imaging gear has a payload of 14.5kg which is about the maximum you want to put on the EQ-R mount ( maximum rated payload is 20kg but that rating is for visual observations just with an eye piece )

I think the AZ EQ6 has a maximum payload of 21kg visual use and 15 or 16kg Astrophotography ( imaging ) use

The Skywatcher Brand (accepts free open sourced EQMOD telescope control with a planetarium like Stellarium or Carts Du Ceil ) Celestron mounts don’t.

The EQ6-R mount is a low cost , reliable 20kg class mount which performs extremely well in its class , very popular across the globe

Good luck !!
Great tips, thanks mate.

Originally Posted by raymo View Post
To put it briefly, if you want to have a crack at imaging all the different things up there, a 6 or 8" Newt is the best all rounder. If you have a specific type
of target in mind you could very likely do better with a different scope.
Refractors are good for splitting double stars for instance, and short focal length ones are great for widefield work.
For imaging planets and/or the moon a 150 or 180mm Maksutov is hard to beat.
I haven't kept up with the later models of the EQ6, someone else will help you with that.
cheers raymo. I was reading more into refractors yesterday, and I think I'll go with a newt Maybe get a refractor later on as well but will go for the newt for now.
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