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Newbie Telescope (with EQ6R + camera gear)

Hi all

My kids are pushing me into "getting a telescope", so it's time to go down the rabbit hole that is astro-gear.

I'm coming at this from someone with Canon DSLRs and Big Whites. My initial plan was to get a solid mount (EQ6-R) and then look at the telescopes afterwards. This solution is a bit selfish because then my kids can't see "live" sky, so I need to add a telescope to this solution at the get-go.

I'd like to continue using my Canon cameras and lenses, but also be able to add a telescope on for the kids. I don't envisage using my 500 f/4, but the 300 f/2.8 should get a lot of use for me.
So if I get the EQ6-R, can someone recommend a telescope which will be

- light enough, when paired with my cameras/lenses to not stress the EQ6R
- ability to actually attach my camera and lens to it! (or vice versa)
- focal length to see deeper objects that my 300 won't capture
- ability to eventually attach my cameras directly if needed. Thinking about getting an EOS Ra in future if I stick to the hobby, so pairing with that would be grand.

Also happy to be swayed to another option for mount if needed. The EQ6R comes up in all my searches as a good mount, but I've no idea if there are better options.

Thanks in advance
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