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Originally Posted by Gr4h4m View Post
So, after a lot of deliberation I think Iíve made my decision.....

The HEQ5PRO mount and ZWO ASI290MM Mini are on their way and Iím going to order a William Optics Z81 and ZWO ASI183MM Pro tomorrow.

Pairing the Z81 with the ASI183MM Pro should give me a similar FOV to what the Z103 would when paired with the ASI1600MM and the price difference will give me more than enough left over to pick up a filter wheel and a decent set of LRGB and narrowband filters.

Looking forward to everything arriving so I can start imaging.....just in time for some cold and crisp clear skies (fingers crossed).
I think you made some smart choices there Graham.

Looking forward to your first light and make sure you post for help when you get everything to make the learning curve a lot easier.

You can always PM for advice.

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