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Gsense 4040 only has 40K electron wells. 16803 has 105,000. I don't recall the last time my 16803 blew out even quite bright stars in 10 minutes.
I rate well depth quite highly having had troubles in the past with small welled cameras. 40K is quite a bit though but compared to 105,000 its not impressive. Its main advantage is low read noise. My 16803 is very low noise so not sure what that would equate to in an image. The ability to take short exposures and stack I suppose. Not much of an advantage and tons of huge files to process. 16803 files at 10 minutes long or more are bad enough for processing power.

What other issues it may have time will tell. It may have none. Who knows I don't even know there are any sample images around yet.

So its definitely not better in all ways. Also Chinese made and new to the market. Whoa, I would not be an early adopter. It may be great but it has to prove itself. Amp glow would be one area to make its good.

16803 is proven and reliable. Sure it may get superceded at some point in the future but just not for a while yet.

As far as the price well that's just silly as Sony full frame BSI copper wired super refined cutting edge sensors are not at any risk from a Chinese sensor maker just yet.

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