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Originally Posted by benklerk View Post
Hi Atmos

The reason I'm not looking at the GSENSE-4040 chip is, its over double the cost that im planning on spending. At over $30,000 from bintel they are too expensive. I might get one when they are under $10k.
This is the only real comparison chip out there to the KAF-16803 but you are right, it is significantly more expensive but you are getting a better chip in every respect.

Originally Posted by glend View Post
I would be cautious about spending big on Sony IMX type chips, given the AMP glow and difficulty in evenly cooling back lit chips. Or maybe I shouild say, don't be an early adopter.
From what I've seen the GSENSE-4040 and 6060 chips don't have any AMP glow issues. I'm also inclined to believe that none of the new Sony ones will either as most of the smaller Sony sensors that are suffering for AMP glow are designed for different applications than what they're being used for in the astro community. Being large security applications where the exposures are never long enough for AMP glow to show up.

You are right though, best not being one of the early adopters
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