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Hey Ivan,

Still got that sketch from when you were 9?

Mate, good sketch. Good idea to work from a photo to get the juices running. No time pressures, comfortable, and no dew. You can practice with different media and techniques that way too. I do it myself.

2B is a good pencil to start with. Try even softer grades, and even Chinagraph style pencils. These in particular are just BLACK, not the metallic grey of graphite. No sheen either. Bit of learning with them as they are less forgiving than graphite, but you won't look at graphite pencil in the same way once you've used these babies with the Moon.

Charcoal is also very good. More technique sensitive, but even more forgiving than graphite. Charcoal comes in black and white. White pastel pencils are probably a better pencil than the white charcoal. You can use these with a blending stump to blend out the tooth of the paper if you like to work with its texture to your advantage.

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