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Thanks Alex, there will be more, next new moon at SPSP, see you there.

Yes I think I need more stars, but it took me so long to place the ones you see. But I understand what you are saying about placing the fainter ones in a more general position rather than fussing over their exact position. I will try that next time.

Building the core of the glob using a brush with cut of bristles is like magic. It really brings it to life so quick and easy.

I thought about adding spikes to the bright stars, but I am not keen to do that using the refractor. It's one of the things I like about it, that the stars are so sharp. Anyway what I did was turn the sharp point flat by running it across the sand paper and making bigger star points like that. I will bring on the spikes when I use my Dob as the brighter stars certainly show spikes in that scope.
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