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These are the first sketches I have done since I sketched Halley's Comet. So I know very little about what I am doing, but I owe all that information to Alex Massey, so I want to publicly thank him very much for passing on his knowledge to me.

All the field stars in these 2 sketches I have placed as accurately as I could. The sky was very dark where I was observing and there were hundreds of stars in the field of view. I attempted to include only the brighter ones, as I thought the sketch might get overwhelmed if I kept going with more stars, and I wanted the main object to be the centre of attention. But, what is the general consensus, would more field stars improve the sketch?

I couldn't resolve any stars in the Globular Cluster using my 4", so no machine gunning with the pencil was required.

I really enjoyed doing these and having something to show for my night of observing. Sketching is something I look forward to continuing with and improving at in the future.
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