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Your Ive stuffed up stories

Is one of the worst feelings in this hobby when you drop any of your gear?
I dropped my brand new ASI2600 tonight. Fell from my clumsy grasp onto gravel.
The outside surface is now a bit scuffed up. I wonder if it can be repaired. I will honesty pay ZWO to fix the surface, this stuff annoys me.
I connected it and tried to cool down the camera to see if it was working then my heart sank as I watched it stop at -3.10 and keep drawing more and more power.
Decided to disconnect/reconnect and it turns out it had actually hit target temperature of -10 but it didnt update in NINA. After the reconnect, things worked as normal.
Since then its been performing fine but what a rubbish start to the night

Any other stories out there?
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