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Originally Posted by N1 View Post
Congrats. 7mm or slightly above will work in this scope on most decent nights, but do yourself a favour and check your copies of the GSO Plossls during an actual observing session before you decide. Who knows- the 9mm may be a better one than I got. Plus you will get a rough idea what each focal length will do in this scope.
Thanks very much for the advice. I've had the scope out a couple of times now, using the 9mm on the moon. While it looks amazing, I'm really keen to get that additional magnification from a 6mm as compared to the 9mm. It also seems that a large FOV would be amazing. I find it more comfortable to keep my glasses on while viewing so I'm also looking for good eye relief!

One other question I had was how much magnification would be needed to say, for eg, see the rings of Saturn? My seeing conditions have not been good but I could see that saturn had width to it but at best focus, I couldn't really make out the rings. Also, would additional mag give mars a fair bit more volume. I love seeing it as a small sphere but I'd also love to see it as even larger. I guess it's all about still learning as much as I can right now. Cheers.
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