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An eq platform is a good option for planets with dobs, astro!

Select or build the right sort of eq platform design, and it will also double up as a decent photo set up too. I had an eq platform for a time, and used it with my 8" f/ dobbie for video astronomy - also one of the dobs I can connect my Nexus unit to.

But I would still suggest first cleaning the bearings of your dob and working with a big magnet and see how you go before laying down any big money. It is the easiest thing to do and will give you immediate results.

The bearing surfaces, clean them only with metho using a cotton cloth. Use a GOOD quality car wax (such as Turtle Wax that comes in a tub - the cheap stuff in a bottle uses solvents and won't give the same long lived finish) on the bearing surfaces. DO NOT apply wax to the Teflon pads - it is the very physical properties of the native Teflon that makes it an excellent bearing material. Put wax on it an it will no longer be the Teflon that is at work. You can clean the Teflon with metho

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